Gardasil – povesti de la parinti din SUA

Ieri discutam cu cineva mai documentat despre VAERS ( baza de date unde se strang „plangerile” legate de efectele adverse ale vaccinurilor – in SUA) si-mi spunea ca pe teren lucrurile arata ceva mai rau legat de Gardasil. Apoi am primit niste link-uri. Am dat copy paste doar la o parte din comentariile dintr-un singur link ( am primit 16).

Nu-mi doresc sa fiu in pielea acelor parinti care au povestit despre efectele adverse al vaccinului la proprii copii. Citind comentariile am realizat ca nici la americani nu se prea stie despre modul de raportare, despre VAERS. Si da .. exista posibilitatea ca pe teren lucrurile sa fie ceva mai complicate decat in rapoartele oficiale.

Mai jos sunt comentariile de pe acest link: Autorul blogului a pus inainte de comentarii si un tabel in care a adunat din efectele adverse pomenite de vizitatorii blog-ului. 129 de posibile situatii cauzate de vaccinarea Gardasil / Silgard.

Inca nu am gasit un raspuns legat de prezenta boraxului in vaccinul Gardasil / silgard … dar vad ca-l imping foarte tare catre un nou grup tinta: baietii. Si asta-i ciudat, avand in vedere ca borul si compusii lui sunt destul de prezenti in mediu, folosirea boraxului in zona medicala parca fusese abandonata in SUA (verific daca informatia este corecta) si este demonstrat ca tinta predilecta a borului si compusilor sai sunt testiculele ( efectele sunt urate, de la atrofie la efecte asupra producerii spermei). Compusi ai borului se folosesc inclusiv la saltele, in SUA de pe la inceputul lui 2007 ( daca imi amintesc bine). Stiu ca atunci au fost multi medici care au vociferat impotriva legii respective, aducand in discutie studiile care arata efectele substantelor (vizate de respectiva lege ) asupra sanatatii oamenilor. Unul dintre compusii borului este una dintre substantele de folosit in saltele. Mai verificam datele si revenim asupra subiectului.

Mai jos sunt comeniile referitoare la efectele adverse ale Gardasil-ului / Silgard ( sublinierile cu rosu imi apartin). Pe mine m-au uimit ..  Am ajuns sa apreciez si mai mult initiativa doamnelor ce scriu pe blogul Viata la tara




I am 21 I had a migrane headache after the 1st shot and felt very nauseous. this happened about 8 hrs after the 1st shot. Then *8 hrs after the 2nd shot I felt sick again and had a severe migrane. Then a few weeks later I had a severe vaginis infection, then a severe and constant pain in my ovaries, liver, kindeys and large intestine, My immune system weakened and I’ve gotten 3 colds in 3 months. I am normally so healthy, I never get sick. I am active, I eat very well I do yoga but I’ve had

severe joint pain for months after the shots, I still have it. I was very fit and was very active before the shots but now I have fatigue and like I said the joint pain is the worst symtome because it limits my yoga practice and my ability to run and workout.

posted on Saturday, April 05, 2008 at 11:20 AM by Maia

I’m 18 I had the shot with a meningitis shot and immediently became very dizzy and my ears felt full, I heard a high pitched ringing and every sound became amplified. I couldn’t see straight and eveything was blurry and spinning. I was drowzy and couldn’t stand and was helped to lay down. Afetr I laid down I started sweating alot and crying. When I recovered I drove home and later that night my face ( I wasn’t wearing make up or anything) starting itching and my eyes itched and my nose was stuffy and runny out of no where. I still have to go back for 2 more 😦

posted on Monday, April 21, 2008 at 9:40 PM by Jessica

I went in today and they recommended I get shot #1 of gardasil. Immediately felt like I’d been socked in the arm, HARD. Slowly felt faint, had to lie down. Hearing muffled, felt very hot, darkness creeped in from the sides and I fainted. I believe I has a seizure, as parts of the fake plant next to me were around me when I came to. I’m 24, turning 25 in September, 5’11”, 150lbs. Active & Healthy (Workout 5-6 days/week, eat fairly healthy), but I do have a history of fainting with seizure.
Just glad I’m not the only one.

posted on Friday, April 25, 2008 at 3:55 PM by Bree

I had my 1st shot two months ago and I am due for my 2nd shot. I am 24, 130lbs, and never been to the hospital for any illnesses. I am trying to gain some insight on whether to continue with the shots or just stop. Your comments have hit home, and me being the paranoid person I am, I am hesistant to continue. Any advice would be great. And my sympathy goes out to all those negatively affected by the vaccine.

posted on Monday, April 28, 2008 at 1:01 PM by Ruth

I received the first shot on Feb. 22nd along with a tetanus shot. I didn’t notice any side effects.
I Just Received the 2nd shot on Friday, April 25th. I was just getting over the flu when i got the shot and I had the worst headache i’ve ever had ever since.(never had migranes before) I also developed a 102 degree fever all weekend. I feel incredibly fatigued, have completely NO appetite, i feel dehydrated. The worst of all that i have noticed
is i dont have complete controll of my bladder anymore! I’m pretty healthy (a little bit of extra weight), 21 yr old, never had bladder issues before. But now it’s like there’s no turn off valve. i wake up in the morning and my pants are wet. After sitting for a long period i get up and my pants are wet. if i laugh barely hard enough, my pants get wet! its HORRIBLY embarrasing. I mean.. what is a 21 yr old supposed to do?? wear depends?!? I have made an appointment to talk with my doctor about it.
i’m way too young to be incontinent! has anybody else has this kind of a reaction?

posted on Monday, April 28, 2008 at 6:02 PM by Alyssa

Can anyone tell me what the Gardasil shot is made of? Is it a live virus? I have a 16 year old daughter in which our Dr. is highly recommending the shot. My family has a high risk of cervical cancer and ovarion cancer however I have not yet tested possitive for either but many of the women in our family have. My sister is undergoing treatment right now for cervical cancer that was caused by HPV. I am very confused, should she have the shot or not. Why are Dr’s backing this up if it is not FDA approved?

posted on Wednesday, May 07, 2008 at 2:20 PM by Cristi F

If you test negative for HPV, and then test positive after the Gardasil Immunization shot. Then I would document that as a fact. infected by the Gardasil .Gardasil has a particle of the virus in it , all cells are probably smaller than a particle. a virus is the size of a particle. It takes longer for the virus to cause cancer than they tested in labratorys. [Offensive comment deleted by KKW.]

posted on Wednesday, May 07, 2008 at 4:04 PM by dan

In response to the post by Cristi earlier today, Gardasil is FDA approved. Many of the posts on this site assert that there are serious side effects that are unreported or underreported and question whether there is sufficient disclosure to patients about the side effects or the lack of knowledge regarding long term issues.

posted on Wednesday, May 07, 2008 at 11:22 PM by K Krasnow Waterman

It is underreported, not reported[.] Washington dc said it should not be for people[;] FDA said gardasil O.K. No[]one in oregon or washington has heard a single word [from] clinics [or] news [] that [there] is even fainting involved. [N]ever heard of such side[]effects on my self or others […]
[Edited by KKW for grammar and clarity]

posted on Friday, May 09, 2008 at 3:11 PM by dan

My 17 year old daughter had her first Gardasil shot in the end of Nov. She had the second shot in the end of Jan. On March 30th, she had her first seizure and they have been recurring ever since. We have see two neurologists, had CT scans, MRI’s, EEG’s – all of which have been normal.
There is no seziures or epilepsy in our family nor has my daughter ever had any head trauma. She has been taking different anti-seizural medications for about 4 weeks.
We are desperate for help.

posted on Friday, May 09, 2008 at 10:40 PM by Jodi

my daughter had her third Gardasil shot mid Dec. 2007. Just today got the results of an abnormal pap smear. they will do another in 3 months. Does it have anything to do with the shot? They will do HPV test then to. they did not have enough cell to do that test this time around.

posted on Thursday, May 15, 2008 at 8:11 PM by Amy

my daughter had her third shot of Gardasil about 3 weeks ago and she started to feel numbness in her legs but now it has moved to her stomach and her buttocks, Her doctors say thats not what she has can anyone help

posted on Friday, May 16, 2008 at 9:32 PM by Michael Michelena

Thank you for documenting this important information!
Please, if you have experienced any paralysis from Gardasil please visit this website of a young girl named Jenny who is experiencing rapid increase in paralysis over her entire body after taking Gardasil dose # 3. Her doctora and family are desparate to find „comparables” who have one or more of the same symptoms. Maybe together we can beat this thing!

posted on Monday, June 09, 2008 at 12:21 PM by Karen

My daughter received her second shot of Gardasil on Thurs. June 5, 2008. 4 hours later she was having extreme difficulty breathing. I took her to the ER where they made us feel as if we were crazy to think it was a reaction to the Gardasil shot. They performed an EKG which was normal, gave her a nebulizer treatment and sent us home with a perscription for Albuterol and said if she gets worse take her back to the hospital. Today is day 7 and she is still having difficulty breathing. I have taken her to her Primary care Dr and a specialist who have prescribed her different medications which do not help. Both have said it is a possible side effect of the shot but think it is more like Bronchitis.. My daughter has no cough, wheezing or phlem, and was perfectly healthy before receiving the shot. I’m at a loss as to what to do. I was never told of any severe side effects of this drug, only given the basic side effects (fever,soarness). Are there any other parents of children out there experiencing or have experienced the same reaction as my daughter. If there are I would greatly appreciate your reply..

posted on Friday, June 13, 2008 at 2:00 AM by Yvette

In school I was taught the Virus in the immunization shot is always partially alive, otherwize the body cannot learn how to kill the the virus, if it was a dead virus. How come Merck writes in documents that the virus is dead in the immunizations shots. If they are lieing about this, what else are they lieing about. The Immunization injury act could not protect Merck from being sued. The label is a lie. I know it is true.

posted on Saturday, July 05, 2008 at 4:42 PM by qwen

Has anyone experienced swollen lymph nodes from the hpv shot? My daughter had the shots and she started getting lumps on her legs. Not sure if it is related.

posted on Sunday, July 06, 2008 at 11:33 PM by mary connell

I have been suffering from an „unknown” illness since December ’07. I didn’t even think that there may be a link to the Gardasil vaccine until this morning when I saw a story about a lawsuit on CNN this morning. Immediately I ran to my computer and found people with very similar stories to mine.  
I recieved the first shot at the end of November, the second Jan 10 and the third last week. Beginning in December I started having intense migraines, chronic neck pain and pain at the base of the skull I’ve lost desire for food thus loosing approximately 35lbs over the past 7 months, vertigo/dizziness, soreness all over my body (usually upper body but occasionally in thigh area) nausea, vomitting, moodiness, anxiety, sound and light sensitivity, mental fogginess and virtually no energy (I had to quit my job due to the chronic pain and low energy). 
Also, my symptoms seem to be cyclical or episodic. I’ve had probably 3 really bad episodes this year followed by periods of partial relief. For example my symptoms will gradually become severe for a period of 7-14 days and then they seem to gradually subside where the pain will become duller and I will have slightly more energy. Although I’m not sure what causes them to come an go.  
I’ve been in the ER 3 times this year and had all the tests, blood, MRI, MRA, head CT, spinal tap eye exam, physical therapy for Benign Paroxysmal Positinal Vertigo and everything has come back normal. My neurologist is convinced it is just migraines and thus has me treat them with migraine medication and pain medication when necessary. However, I’m not convinced. There are too many other side effects that just aren’t adding up to migraines for me.

posted on Monday, July 07, 2008 at 12:25 PM by Ashley

Ashley – please be sure to report your symptoms to VAERS and the NVIC. 
 (I have posted in early May regarding my daughter’s seizures).

posted on Monday, July 07, 2008 at 12:48 PM by Jodi

my daughter had 1st shot on 5/28/2008. Next day I noticed her pupils were 2 different sizes and following day she was finishing a light workout at gym and got dizzy, eyesight faded to total loss of vision and headache began. It is 6 weeks tomorrow since shot and she has been in and out of hospitals and md offices. She is on migraine meds and about to start an antibiotic usually used to treat lyme disease which came back negative. All testshave been negative but headache,severe lethargy dizziness ,blurred vision and low blood pressure persist. She was a healthy 22 year old college athlete before this, 6′ tall 165 lbs. She did have pityriasis rosacea 2 years ago which I find interesting that Jueeny hhad as well.

posted on Tuesday, July 08, 2008 at 5:22 PM by ann

My 16 yr old daughter received the hpv vaccine in 8/07 she developed an onset of symptoms about 3 weeks after getting the first dose of the vaccine the main complaints are pain in lower extremities started in legs and has spread to hips low back and now mid back causing pain when taking a breath heart palpatations symptoms have not improved but have gotten worse swelling only when she lies down swelling occurs in her hands feet and now her face as well. swelling last for approx. 2 hours after getting up pain and tingling, prickling sensation in her hands and feet till the swelling subsides migraine headaches dizziness difficulty concentrating The past eight months have completely changed her life and she is unable to participate in the activities she once enjoyed. we had to place her on homebound due to the amount of school she has missed. I have taken her to numerous doctors and so far have gotten no relief or answers for her symptoms.  
 posted on Tuesday, July 08, 2008 at 8:25 PM by Tne 33

horses documentation in veternary sciences. Thuja Occidentalis also known as Western Red Cedar clearly demonstrates treatment of HPV in Horses. The common sense is it would not kill HPV but support the Immune sytems Innate Immunity. That at a cell level the stem cells of innate immuntiy are strong so the bad cells must be cleared from the body . Weak cells need and cannot recognize the HPV alowing it to grow. Do not breathe HPV the original scientist in the making of gardasil died. How is it they have not determined why is up to peoples debate. They would investigate with research donations. cancer research is multibillion dallor. Hold a donation the money is billion fold.This statement is true to the best of my knowledge, is a fact. 68 years it will be to late . Immune Immunizations the virus is alive but weak so the body can attack it. Merck lies when they say the virus is dead! They lie much more as well, tied to charles Mansons whore Mother. That they are more insane than those in prison, the institution showed them how to lie when fitting in beware, Danger.

posted on Thursday, July 10, 2008 at 4:34 PM by dan

My daughter has been diagnosed with seizure disorder since recieving the vaccine. does anyone know more about this.

posted on Saturday, July 12, 2008 at 2:58 PM by Bob

MY daughter had her 1st shot in June her second shot is due and I have made a decision not to go through with the 2nd and 3rd shots from reading what everyone has written. Does anyone know if the 1 shot will affect my daughter in a adverse way?

posted on Sunday, July 13, 2008 at 11:01 PM by Wendy

I received my first Gardasil shot on July 8th 2008. I passed out at home less than an hour after the shot. When I finally woke up, I had extreme dizziness, headache only above my right eye, blurred vision, ringing in my ears, and consistent vomiting. I went to the ER where they gave me a CT scan which came back negative. Went to the Gyno office (where I received the shot) and they said they cannot prescribe anything for the side effects and to call next week if I’m still dizzy with a headache. Saw my PCP three days after the shot, he prescribed me with Anti-dizziness patches to go behind my ear, vicodin, and midrin. He also referred me to a Neurologist. When to the neurologist 6 days after the shot. He stated that it could be one of three things: concussion from passing out, seizure which caused me to pass out, or the HPV virus somehow got to my brain. All caused by the Gardasil Shot. DO NOT GET THIS SHOT!

posted on Monday, July 14, 2008 at 4:55 PM by Erin

Hi. This is an update to my May 10, 2008 posting. My daughter continues to have seizures since March 30th and is now having other neurological problems such as twitching/spasms and has had some episodes of numbness of her mouth and legs. 
We are so desperate for help. I doubt very much she will be able to attend her senior year in high school in September.  
If anyone can offer any suggestions/comments, please help us. We are so very desperate.

posted on Monday, July 14, 2008 at 7:49 PM by Jodi

hi, im 17 years old and i recently got the gardasil shot last week. since then i have been experiencing lumps on my legs and now my throat hurts and im starting to get a cold. i all thought these side effects i were getting was from the beach because right after i went there all this stuff has been happening. i have to go back for my second shot on sept. 11th and i dont think i want to continue this. what should i do?

posted on Wednesday, July 16, 2008 at 10:45 AM by tati

I hope you decide not to do the next shots! At least not til you do a LOT of research.  
I stopped my kids shots midway, not because of any symptoms they have had, but because of the risks that they may react to a future dose. This conclusion is based on what i have learned on this website and on many others. A daughter of a friend of a friend is in critical condition today from this vaccine. It seems to me that the risks far outweigh the benefits…  
posted on Wednesday, July 16, 2008 at 2:30 PM by K

Once again, I am here because we are so desperate for help! The most recent neurologist told me today that she does not believe that my daughter’s seizures and neurologic condition is related to Gardasil and does not wish to become involved. We are so desperate and I can’t find anyone to help us. 
posted on Wednesday, July 16, 2008 at 2:33 PM by Jodi

It’s great you are lending support to folks who have perceived they have had issues with a vaccine. What any medical researcher will tell you is that your „table” is missing important information in order to determine whether or not the adverse event reported was directly related to the vaccine. 
People, don’t report your reactions to any drug or vaccine to some random person on the internet. And don’t believe everything you read posted to a website. 
Report it to your doctor, the dru company, AND the FDA. If you don’t, the data will not be collected properly and acted upon.  
If you’ve already done all of those things and just feel like sharing with folks who understand, that’s great. But the information presented here does not help researchers in the least – unless researchers nowadays are looking for incomplete, unverfiable and anonymous information. Which, ya know, any researcher worth his/her salt isn’t. 
Lastly, I have worked in the industry and will not allow my daughter to get this vaccine – not because of an alarmist website, but because there is simply not enough data (10+ years in the gen pop) and not enough reward for risk.

posted on Wednesday, July 16, 2008 at 10:55 PM by someone in the industry

Dear „Someone in the Industry” – 
Welcome to the site and thanks for writing. I agree that the table is far from complete. I’m not suggesting that a researcher could use this data to reach conclusions, but maybe to identify some topics for study. There definitely appear to be clusters of certain problems.  
Since you’re in the industry maybe you can help us with something. I think we’re in strong agreement that folks should report these things to their doctors, VAERS, etc. If you read through the many comments on this site, though,
you’ll find that quite a few of these folks have been rebuffed by their doctors when they try to report. Can you make some suggestions about phrases they should use, approaches they should take, or specific addresses, web addresses, emails, or telephone numbers to which they can make official reports?  
Thanks, -k

posted on Thursday, July 17, 2008 at 9:14 AM by K Krasnow Waterman

Dear someone in the industry, 
It looks like reporting it through official verification is hiding the truth about garadsil.  
Without these several web sites the Public would not be aware, as we are know about gardasil.  
Did you know in history their is nothing that supports aquired immunity of HPV otherwise known as warts. The innate immunity Of heat stress antibodys that occures because of athletics or normal stress as in running stregthens the immunity of strong stem cells, anything that stregthens innate immunity removes the cancer toxins.  
Fact horses get HPV it goes away when they are young later in life they get reinfected the HPV caused the horse cancer. I am really good about my job as well and you would not know what to do if you tried to do it.

posted on Thursday, July 17, 2008 at 4:14 PM by lavearn

Hi, sure, happy to help. 
Doctors are required to report all adverse events their patients have after receipt of drug/vaccine. Perhaps they don’t think you, the patient, are aware of that. It’s helpful to remind them. They’ll likely require more than a phone call of „I felt icky after the vaccine” and will need to collect information on your reaction and symptoms. Insist they schedule a visit to discuss. If they rebuff you, let them know you will contact the FDA and manufacturer. 
The FDA has a reporting system you appear to be aware of. If you’ve filled out an online form, I am not sure what your expectations are. No one is going to call you to talk about your feelings. That form is to gather information and report it, gather it, combine it with information from others. 
As to approach, all I can offer is that you not appear hysterical or accusatory. 
Also worthy of note – just because you, one person, report an issue with your vaccine/drug does not mean the whole world is going to stop and you’re going to get a call back from the President of Merck. But you can call them at 800-444-2080. 
Honestly, explain to me what „rebuffed” means when you report, and explain what precisely was reported, and perhaps I can help you all get your points across better. 
Want information on how to make your „table” on this site better? Take a full medical history, list all other meds taken at the time of dispensing the vaccine, take BP, temp, smoker/not, blood panel results, vaccine lot, last menstrual cycle, etc. Chances are the issue is not the vaccine alone, but the vaccine in combination with SOMETHING else, which is why reporting it properly is key. 
I do not doubt there are issues with this vaccine. I have issue with folks thinking reporting their events on this site ALONE is doing anything to help anyone in the medical community. 
I’ll read along in these comments as time allows and will help if I can. 
Bottom line, do NOT take a „preventative” medication or vaccine from your doctor if you are not comfortable with, and have not researched to nth degree, the risk. And, for me, do not take it if it has not been in the gen pop for more than 10 years.

posted on Thursday, July 17, 2008 at 10:21 PM by someone in the industry

I am 19 years old, I just took my 2nd gardisil shot and in return got severe cramps in my back and lower stomach everyday so far and I just finished my period 2 weeks ago, so the cramps aren’t from my period. I decided to stop the vaccine but how do I get rid of the cramps.

posted on Monday, July 21, 2008 at 8:31 PM by Lea

Hi. If there any girls experiencing non-epileptic seizures as a result of Gardasil, I appreciate your contacting me. Thank you very much!

posted on Tuesday, July 22, 2008 at 9:48 AM by Jodi

I have a 15 year old daughter who has syptoms of syncope. She passed out during a hockey game and received a grade 3 concussion. Right before this she had her checkup and received her first gardisil shot. She has out of sports for a solid month due to the concussion and then returned as soon as dr permitted. Played lacrosse for school team and in April began passing out multiple times. She received her second shot of gardisil as planned. The passing out has gotten worse she has been admitted to childrens hospital in boston for testing and sent to other heart and nuerologists which have all come up with nothing. After questioning all dr if her syncope could be caused from the shot they have all responded with a i really dont think it was due to the shot. Last weekend my daughter passed out 6 times. Headaches blackouts very tired after she comes to. She not under a pediatric neurologist out of Tufts floating in boston. She has done bloodwork mri and sent her to a autonomic dysfunction dr for testing awaiting the results of that…. Her life has been put on hold completely….No sports… No part time job…Cant babysit…Due to the passing out at random times and locations and sometimes at school she has sustained 2 more concussions from hitting her head. I am hoping this isnt all caused from the shot but to do it all over again i might have given it more thought and research before allowing them to administer the vaccine…..It is hard know what is right. Now until we know what if ailing her i feel hopeless….

posted on Saturday, July 26, 2008 at 6:38 AM by stacey

I had gotten my first shot in December. After getting the first shot, I had really bad blurred vision and serve headaches. Within two weeks of getting the shot, my immune system weaked and I became suspectible to getting diseases. I got mono and strep throat after the first shot and it took forever to recover. The second shot was coming up and I was feeling fine. Within two days of getting the ssecond shot, my immune system weaked again. I got strep throat again and pink eye this time. Before getting the shots, I was never sick before in my life. My doctor thinks that when I get the shot it weaks my immune system. About 2 weeks ago I got the final shot, so now I am just waiting to see what disease I will get this time from the shot. Recently, I have been experiencing the blurred vision again and the headaches and fatigue.

posted on Saturday, August 02, 2008 at 12:28 PM by Janelle

Just curious, for my own sake – why did you all (or your daughters and friends) get this vaccine? Was it sold as a cancer preventer? Was it a „might as well get it, too!” vaccine? 
Also, comments on this website are quite clearly from repeat folks pretending to be new people.

posted on Monday, August 04, 2008 at 11:53 PM by someone in the industry

i got my 2nd gradasil shot in august and im really scared to get my thrid because of what everyone is saying am i in danger? im 18 years old and now im scared now the doctors never told me these things that is happening to all these people but i always feel sick now and the other night i saw stars but as soon as i sat down they went away is that a symptom of fainting please answer that

posted on Monday, September 22, 2008 at 7:27 PM by steph

My name is Vivian. Michael is my brother that has a 16 yr old daughter that has been so deathly sick for 4months. She received her 1st shot in Dec 2oo7 and her 2nd in July 2008. Since June she has had vomiting,stomach pains,loss of appetite,seizures,backpain,burning of the eyes,can’t sleep and the list goes on. She has been rushed to E.R. 3x’s. All tests have come back negative. Please if anyone is experiencing these same symptons, please e-mail him at Our entire family is in distraught. I think it is definetly from the gaurdisil. All the Doctors are saying no. Someone Please help. My niece was a beautiful healthy young girl. She can’t attend school and hasn’t been able to play any sports since the 1st shot. Help!!!!!

posted on Wednesday, October 01, 2008 at 7:29 PM by Michael Ragni

Two items for this discussion: 
 1) I had my third and final Gardasil shot on 9/25/08. It’s currently 10/29/08 and my left arm (the shot site) is still sore. I cannot lift my arm over my head (or change clothes or bathe) like I used to. My full range of motion has never returned and I often awake from sleeping with a dead-limb sensation, as one often has after a hand or foot has gone to sleep. The site of the injection itself is no longer sore, only the muscle from time to time. The real issue is the apparent damage to the muscle itself with this injection.
2) In late 2006 I began taking the relatively new birth control, Seasonique. This is a brand which reduces the mentstrual cycle to four times per year. In January of 2007, I had my first ever seizure. Neither I nor anyone in my family has a history of epilepsy or any other kind of seizure disorder. In April of 2007, I had my second seizure. I realized that the seizures were coinciding exactly (down to the date) with my mentstrual cycle. I went off of Seasonique in June 2007, had seizures three and four in July 2007, and so far that’s been the end of it. Seasonique is still a fairly new medicine by testing standards, and was under controversy for being released to the public relatively quickly. None of my six doctors would confirm this as the cause of my seizures, and two even admitted that pinning the medicine as the cause would surely put them at risk for a lawsuit.  
My point in the Seasonique story is that it’s not unheard of for medical companies to release new, relatively untested (i.e. tested on a very small population and reviewed for a relatively short amount of time) medications to the public with little regard to overall public safety. The drug companies spend a large portion of their annual earnings on lobbying, and have already succeeded in rewriting many small, seemingly inconsequential laws in their favor to avoid recrimination in situations like these. My side effects from the Gardasil have been nowhere near as severe as those for many of the above writers, but I have been there, done that with a medication before.

posted on Wednesday, October 29, 2008 at 4:41 PM by Bobbie

I am 23 years old. I received my first shot on July 24, 2008. Since then my symptoms include- severe hives- seizure (vaso depressive syncope seizure- unconscious for 15 seconds) in nyc- after the seizure- i went to the ER where my heart was racing at 140. I was put on the lowest dose of steroids- a medrol pack over 5 days- 4 mg. (I believe a combination of the steroids and putting on zpac- for my complaints of my throat swollen- saved my life). I weighted in at 135 size 6 back in July- I now weight in at 156. I am 5’3- every day I commute to nyc and I am physically exhausted-I cant work out- I dont even blow dry my own hair anymore because that is how tired I am. I have never had a food allergy in my entire life. Other symptoms- weakness, severe headaches, nauseousness, loss of feeling in feet and legs, fever, severe bruising, chills, clouded vision, muscle spasms/twitches, etc.) I only received one shot. Can someone please tell me- of a doctor who is helping people out diagnose or relieve these symptoms- all my doctors are on board that this is an adverse reaction- its just a matter of proving it. I had a biopsy done which proved that the welts were hives. I have been taking antihistamines every day. 
God Bless all that have been affected by this vaccination shot.

posted on Thursday, November 06, 2008 at 9:16 PM by Cristina

half hour after recieving 1st injection my daughter had severe headaches, over the next 48 hours she collapsed 5 times resulting in an a+e visit, neuro was normal we were sent home being told dizziness and leg weakness would improve. My baby hasn’t walked or stood since, shes been re-hospitalized and is undergoing intense physio inc hydro, she screams out in pain every time her legs are moved for her!!!! although on morphine and other painkillers we yet have failed to controll her pain. its now been 23 days(15th oct’08) since my normally fully mobile child has been unable to use her legs. All test are coming back normal……Wots going on???? can you help or sympathise or relate? 

posted on Friday, November 07, 2008 at 4:25 PM by cheryl

All my thoughts and prayers go out to all those who are sick from Gardasil. My daughter is one of these girls!She has been sick since March but it was not until June when things fell apart. We are now looking into CHELATION. We have tested her urine and blood for the metals in the vaccine. No results as of yet but I think that all of these girls should see a DO doctor that can help them get well and DETOX. We are looking into this and I promise to get back to all of you if this approach works. Feel free to email me We are also trying to reach the MEDIA with OUR stories. All of you have suffered so much and your families as well! There is a class action law suit in progress and all of you should be a part of it. There are strength in numbers! I am also part of a yahoo group (thank GOD) where we can talk about our daughters and what they are going through to try and get some answers. Don’t stop telling YOUR STORY until you get someone to listen!I know I want my daughter back… this is the best part of her LIFE and it is passing her by! Hang in there… we’re all in this together. Kristi

posted on Friday, November 07, 2008 at 7:59 PM by kristi

I’m 21 years old and I got my last shot on May 5, 2008, in June i didn’t feel like myself anymore. I was so dizzy, my mind is always fogged it makes me so upset to think that I will probably never be the same from something my doctor made me do. I didn’t want the shot but felt so pressured into getting it. I can’t drive i’m extremely moody all the time and i feel like i want to sleep all day. I always have panic attacks and anxiety all the time. I don’t want to feel like this anymore and I don’t know how they can get away with doing this to people.

posted on Tuesday, November 18, 2008 at 2:29 AM by Jenna

I’m 23 years old, active, healthy, 5’6″ and 120 lbs. I received my second vaccine a month and a half ago. I’d waited over a year since the first vaccine, because I was uncertain of the effects. The first vaccine seemed to have none, but now I’m concerned. My arm has a marble-sized painful lump at the injection site, and I’ve had daily nausea since the injection. 
My prayers and hopes go out to all of you who’ve felt the negative effects of the vaccine, but I believe it’s not enough to post online. We need to tell every woman and girl we meet that this vaccine is dangerous.

posted on Monday, November 24, 2008 at 3:29 AM by TracyJ

22 year old, active, healthy, received 3rd vaccine, 9 hours later had a seizure, fainted, got a grade 3 concussion, now have tingling and numbness throughout body, especially in my feet and legs. very scared, do not know what to do at this point. all doctors are very hesitant to lead to an assumption these reactions are from the vaccine.. my email is any information would be so wonderful, 
God bless you and your families.. I will be filing a report with VAERS

posted on Monday, November 24, 2008 at 3:33 PM by Kathryn

I am 21 and I really dont know what to think about this vaccine.I am verry cofused.Last year in 2007 my gynecologist told me that first I have to make all my exams and he will make a decision with me,after all my results will come out and see if my organism is ok,if it can handle the vaccine and if I am not allergic to anything in that composition.But now nobody is saying anything about other efects good or bad.I also understood that if you had begun your sexual life and you had more parteners the effect is not totalfully which seems verry logical.Anyway I would really need more information.I would be verry gratefull.Thank you all for writting down for other readers other unknown effects.I wish you all the good in the world and all the happyness.

posted on Tuesday, November 25, 2008 at 10:56 AM by Melinda

I received the injection series over 1.5 years ago about 1 months after receiving the last injection I started to have fainting spells very frequently. My fainting has become so severe and unexpected that I can barely work. I have also been very fatigued. After many doctor’s visits I have been diagnosed with CardioNeurogenic Syncope and I must take Beta Blockers FOR LIFE in order to not faint and to be able to work and live a somewhat normal life. I however can NO LONGER SCUBA DIVE or do recreational activiities that I enjoyed before because of my risk of fainting.

posted on Wednesday, November 26, 2008 at 10:00 AM by Julieann Collier

ok….daughter has had all 3 shops ….bad time all three shops passing out dizziness summer fullof testing…diagnosed with postural syncope….might grow out of it they say…might not…well untill then…life on hold!!!!!

posted on Wednesday, November 26, 2008 at 10:58 PM by gonsalves

Where do I begin. My daughter Danielle is 23 years old. October of 2007 she received the 2nd Gardasil vaccine and shortly after became very ill. She experiences migraines, saying her brain hurts, passing out (syncope), numbness in hands and feet, tingling, limbs contracting, hands like claws, seizures, rolling eyes, foaming from mouth, confusion, heart palations. She has been hospitalized 9 times since January of 2008, 3 hospitals, 4 neurologists, she has had EEG’s, TEE, lumbar puncture, MRI, MRA, CT, CTA, everything is normal. She also now goes into a regression. Sometimes unable to walk, speak, see, hear. She passes out every day since last year. She is on medical leave from college, no quality of life whatsoever. All the doctors told me that if it is not a medical issue, or a heart issue it was a mental issue. I did explore that route and needless to say, they were incorrect. I contacted a nutritionist and a biochemist and found out that due to her weak immune system the vaccine has traumatized her body and brain. She also is profound since last month in her right ear. She was born with a hearing loss but due to the complexity of this illness it has affected her hearing and she has lost it in her right ear. Our nutritionist is putting her on a special diet because everything she is injesting, all the foods with chemicals, are affecting her brain and causing more reaction. They also will be detoxing her but right now she cannot be fully detoxed due to fact that she is do severely defficient. She has developed hypoglycemia, hypothyrodism, vitamin D defficient, her liver enzymes are shot, her adrenal glands are off as well as her hormones. She gained 40lbs from all the meds she was put on and the seizure medication has effected her brain. I was told that the vaccine has adhered to her tissues in her body and we have to remove it bit by bit. The biochemist is going to purchase the vaccine to break down each component and give my daughter a natural supplement to repair her. Needless to say, we are devestated and heartbroken. Danielle was just a few credits shy of graduation and her life is on hold. I also found out that it is possible that they pharmacutical company Merck put lyme in the vaccine as an addative and that is why she experiences some autism, it was lyme induced autism. So this is has been a battle for over a year now. Neurologist and interists look at me baffled. She has to eat everything organic, free range foods, no artificial sweeteners, these are poison for the brain. If you have any questions, you may reach me at my e-mail at I have reported her to Her gynocologist is no longer giving out the vaccine and Merck wants Danielle’s personal records. I have contacted a vaccine lawyer, but due to statue of limitations, we are unable to sue until the year 2010. That is not a big concern of ours right now, I just want her well, and I will do everything in my power to get her better. Remember there are 400 strains of the human papaloma virus, gardasil only protects 4, it is confirmed it doesn’t provent cervical cancer and girls that have not had sex, there have been confirmations that they come down with genital warts, girls that have a strain of HPV and receive the vaccine, now have a 44.6% chance of getting precancerous lesions of the cervix. So where do we go from here. We have to fight to get this off the market. Do they want to control the population? I think so. Go with you gut instinct. If you believe it was from the vaccine, do something about it. I am.

posted on Monday, December 01, 2008 at 9:13 AM by Debbie Nicosia

Both of my daughters received their 2nd shot the first week of November 2008. They are both Cross Country runners and they have both complained of numbness in their hips and legs. Has anyone else had this reaction? Please e-mail me if you have any similar stories or is this just coincidence.

posted on Wednesday, December 03, 2008 at 5:43 PM by Cindy

I am a mother of four (three of which are girls). In the fall I took my daughter in to get her 6th grade vaccinations and I told the Dr. that he might as well give her the HPV vaccine. (Gardasil) He left the room and came back after quite some time and told me that he strongly recommends thatI research this vaccine before I consider giving it to my daughter. He said he felt that the risks of this vaccine are worse than the risks of HPV or even cervical cancer. I was very thankful that he gave me that information. I am currently in pre-nursing classes. I am doing a research paper for microbiology. I have access to databases of hundreds of thousands of scholarly peer- reviewed articles and I can not find ANY negative information about extreme adverse side affects. (from the medical or science industry) All of the reports say that these girls all coincidently had these symptoms sfter receiving the shot. How can this be? This is ridiculous. How can a drug company lobby so hard and so much that physicians would put their healthy young patients at risk. Thank God for my physician for saving my daughters health and not allowing this vaccine to be given to her.

posted on Saturday, December 06, 2008 at 10:16 PM by Lauren


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  1. Mystery illness paralyses girl given cervical cancer jab

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  2. experienta postmarketing va arata probabil ca vaccinul e mult mai nociv decat se credea. o noua victima a aparut si in Anglia

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