Dileme si Trileme: “Mama” UE rontaie nestingherita libertati fundamentale

si pedepseste dupa chef. Deh .. cu ochelarii aberatiei pe nas, totul se vede altfel.

La nivel declarativ, de ochii lumii,  e totul frumos si roz: Parlamentul European sustine drepturile fundamentale pe Internet

Dar .. Directiva UE ce obliga ISP-urile sa retina informatii despre utilizatori a intrat in vigoare fara dezbatere parlamentara.

 Using Europe to erode our privacy    ( autor  Henry Porter  – guardian.co.uk )

As the row over MPs’ living expenses has developed, several have expressed the fear that the reputation for parliament and the public’s respect for politicians would be irreversibly affected.

They are right to be worried but it is the spectacle of common abuse of housing allowances combined with the failure to defend Britain’s liberties from our civil servants and European bureaucrats that is so damaging. MPs’ ideas of a sovereign parliament appear to be limited to the retention of their own personal information and the abuse of taxpayers’ trust. Forget any notion of MPs standing up to Europe or reigning in an increasingly autonomous civil service.

Today, an EU directive comes into force which will compel all internet service providers to retain information from all emails and website visits.Data from phone calls and text messages will also be stored and made available to the government, its agencies and local authorities. Having seen how local officials have abused anti-terrorist laws, it’s not hard to imagine the damage to privacy that will ensure.

These powers were brought in by a statutory instrument and so were not debated by either house. The accepted view is that the Home Office now bypasses parliament by lobbying Europe directly in the knowledge that the measures they desire will go undebated and unscrutinised, then be smuggled into British law as a European directive.

It is difficult to think of anything that makes the House of Commons look more feckless or more redundant.

The Conservatives believe that the law may enable the creation of a massive communications data silo that will store the content of every email and phone call. This has been long desired by the Home Office and GCHQ but the government has failed to bring the interception modernisation programme before parliament, perhaps because the penny is beginning to drop about privacy. And the costs are estimated to be as much as £12bn.

Baroness Neville-Jones said last week in the House of Lords „The government has not been able to satisfy these benches that last week’s statutory instrument did not create a vehicle through which the interception modernisation programme could be carried into practice without further primary legislation.”

It seems amazing that parliament, now on another long break,  is not able to establish whether this statutory instrument allows the home secretary, one of the ministers accused of fiddling their housing allowances, to create the data silo without primary legislation and the full debate that the British public must surely require from its elected representatives on such a vital issue.

As of this morning, essential information about your internet activity and phone calls has passed into the hands of government and its agencies and every local government gauleiter who suspects you of challenging his or her authority.

Monday 6 April may be seen as milestone on the way to a police state and the „the hell house” of personal information about which the former DPP Sir Ken Macdonald warned last year. It is certainly a date to remember in the long slide of the standing of MPs, who I very much doubt were even aware of this directive.

Pescari arestati pentru ca au incalcat cota UE la peste ( sursa: Open Europe newsletter   )

In Sunday Telegraph Christopher Booker relateaza ca 2 pescari din nordul Irlandei au fost incarcerati la Liverpool pentru ca au gresit la identificarea capturilor de peste pentru care nu aveau alocata o cota UE. In loc sa le dea doar o amenda, Agentia de Pescuit Marin (MFA) a aplicat o sanctiune severa ce a implicat Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA  – Agentia impotriva Crimelor Organizate Grave)  sa foloseasca procedurile pentru acte criminale. Aceste proceduri sunt folosite in cazul criminalilor inraiti implicati in activitati precum traficul de droguri si spalarea de bani. 

In acelasi timp, stimabilii parlamentari si comisari UE s-or suparat ca un ThinkTank ca Open Europe si-a permis sa-si bage nasul in veniturile  lor imense platite din bani publici, in legile speciale pentru pensii uriase sau in cheltuielile lor imense pentru „relaxare” si „confort”. Hmm … parca Banca Mondiala spunea ca ar trebui sa iesim la pensie pe la 70 de ani ? Probabil ca asa ar trebui sa fie, avand in vedere ca parerea lor despre ei este ca merita milioanele de euro / lire sterline. 

In an interview with Focus Information AgencyEU Communications Commissioner Margot Wallstrom has responded to research published by Open Europe which found that Commissioners leaving office this year will earn over £1 million in pensions and payoffs, claiming the figures are „twisted and exaggerated”.         

Wallstrom said, „I’d like to thank for the possibility to respond to the series of ‘clever’ press releases by ‘Open Europe’ – a British NGO, advertising itself as a think-tank – which has been regularly publishing articles against the club of 27, containing deliberately twisted and exaggerated data. Stepping in office within the European Commission (EC) does not include talks about salaries, allowances and retirement payments. It’s the Council of the European Union that decided in the matter and therefore all changes are up to it. The current rules have been around since 1967 and are open to the public. Actually, all international organisations are governed by similar rules. EU Commissioners are entitled to receive pensions but only when they turn 65. Besides, they get temporary 3-year payments once they leave the EC. And they pay taxes on both the 3-year payments and the pensions.”

Comment:  Commissioner Wallstrom’s claims contradict the Commission’s official response to the findings so far.  Previously, Commission spokesperson Valerie Rampi and others have justified the payouts saying, „Open Europe didn’t discover anything new, it’s all public and online… Everyone who has worked as a commissioner is entitled to pension rights, like you and me”.  She said the money was to help Commissioners with their „re-entry” into the non-EU world.   

Likewise, after initially saying he didn’t believe the figures and adding „if that’s true, I’ll retire immediately”, Belgian Commissioner Louis Michel was forced to justify the findings after he discovered they were accurate.  Belgian newspaper De Standaard reported: „After consulting an assistant, the report seems to be accurate. This was followed by Louis Michel suddenly changing his tune, saying the compensation is completely justified. ‘We are being well paid, that is. But every morning getting up at 5 o’clock, lots of travelling, heavy files… This is a parachute, but not a golden one'”.  Similarly, Danish Commissioner Mariann Fischer-Boel told newspaper Politiken, „I’m worth all the millions”. 

Alte informatii interesante: http://openeuropeblog.blogspot.com/2009/03/its-just-peanuts-to-some.html

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