FABRICA DE SCLAVI – Episodul 4.4 – Vaccinarea HPV de la A la B(ani) !

Exista „mici curiozitati” legate de vestitele vaccinuri Gardasil / Silgard si Cervarix.

In Anglia, desi sunt 1340 de fetite cu efecte adverse de la vaccin ( 2,891  de reactii adverse inregistrate) , campania continua.

Peste 1300 de fetite au suferit reactii adverse de la controversatul vaccin ( anti hpv – Cervarix)

Doctorii au raportat ca fete cu varste cuprinse intre 12 si 13 ani au suferit paralizii, convulsii si probleme de vedere dupa administrarea vaccinului. [..]

Vaccinul este administrat fetitelor in cadrul unui program guvernamental pentru a preveni dezvoltarea cancerului de col. Ministrii spun ca acest vaccin va salva 700 de vieti pe an. [..] But Government health experts insisted the Cervarix vaccine was safe and that the total of 1,340 reports was to be expected, given that more than 700,000 girls were vaccinated last year.

Efectele adverse minore sunt considerate ca fiind legate de vaccin, dar efectele adverse grave nu ( convulsii, crize, mai multe cazuri de paralizie, aproape 20 de cazuri de tulburari de vedere). In SUA numarul de decese ce apar in VAERS legate de Gardasil se pare ca a ajuns la 35 ( vezi articolul de mai jos, legat de Ashleigh)

But there was a range of more worrying problems. Four girls had convulsions, one had a seizure and one had an epileptic fit.

There were several cases of paralysis. One had Bell’s palsy, which paralyses the face; one had hemiparesis, which paralyses or severely weakens half the body; two experienced hypoaesthesia, in which the sufferer loses much of her sense of touch, and one had Guillain-Barré syndrome, which paralyses the legs.

There were almost 20 cases of blurred vision and one girl was reported as developing anorexia.

Dar vaccinul este considerat sigur!?!?! Desi .. parintii au in continuare probleme cu efectele adverse manifestate la fetele lor dupa vaccinarea cu Gardasil . Mai sapi un pic si este clar ca rapoartele inregistrate  in VAERS sunt putine fata de realitate; medicii nu raporteaza, parintii nu stiu cum sa faca aceste rapoarte. Iar daca esti un parinte disperat si chiar vrei sa completezi acel raport, daca iei legatura cu producatorul si tot ceri informatii .. patesti cam asa:

Barbara Olund, whose daughter Alicia developed symptoms of ALS following Gardasil vaccination, tells me she became so frustrated and irate when dealing with Merck’s customer service recently that she made threats to harm a company executive. Merck responded by filing a police report, and a cop visited her home in California, warning her not to contact Merck again. I asked Kelley Dougherty, a Merck spokesperson, whether anyone at the company called Olund to get details for a medical report. „We didn’t have her number,” she says. „I don’t believe she’s listed, but we sent her a letter.” During a follow-up call, Olund said that she had left her number with customer service and that she had just received a letter from Merck a day ago asking for more information on her daughter’s condition.  [..]

Some doctors refuse to file VAERS reports at all, and sometimes the reports contain incomplete or ambiguous information. Tarsell says she’s heard from a few parents via her website who said their doctors don’t believe Gardasil could have caused their daughters’ medical problems. In Tarsell’s case, the physician who filed the VAERS report wrote that the autopsy report found that her daughter died of an inflammation of the spleen caused by a life-threatening virus. While the autopsy did find some minor inflammation of the spleen, the report concluded that the death was due to „cardiac arrest, cause undetermined.”

Una dintre victimele Gardasil se pare ca este Jenny, fetita unor profesori la University of California – Berkeley; fetita a fost diagonisticata cu ALS (in romana  SLA – Scleroza laterală amiotrofică) . Barbara Saphiro ( expert ALS si profesor asociat de neurologie la Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine ) a decis sa-i ajute pe parinti sa faca ceva legat de fata lor (  Jenny a murit pe 15 martie 2009). Mai sunt si alte cazuri dimilare; parintii preseaza CDC si FDA sa studieze posibila legatura intre boala / decesul fetelor si vaccin. Se pare ca CDC si FDA se gandesc sa porneasca un astfel de studiu. De ce? Pentru ca incidenta  ALS in rnandul tinerilor este FOARTE RARA! In plus, evolutia este mult mai lenta decat in cazul fetitelor ce au dezvoltat boala dupa vaccinarea cu Gardasil

I should point out that juvenile ALS is extremely rare, affecting just 1 in 2 million young people. It’s impossible to say at this point whether these girls would have developed the condition regardless of whether they received Gardasil, but government officials—who still strongly maintain that the vaccine is perfectly safe and potentially lifesaving—are now starting to investigate. Scientists from the Food and Drug Administration met recently with Jenny’s neurologists at UCSF to discuss whether it’s scientifically plausible for a vaccine to trigger ALS. And the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is planning to scour its adverse-event database, called VAERS, to see whether other vaccinations have led to reports of ALS or other severe neurological complications.

Barbara Saphiro, studiind documentele medicale ale lui Jenny si a altor fete, a descoperit in VAERS si alte cazuri.

She also has uncovered another VAERS report in the CDC database that could be similar, but since it was filed by a pharmacist, the CDC told her it doesn’t have details on the girl’s identity. Shapiro worries that there may be more cases out there that the CDC doesn’t know about.

After all, she tells me, both Whitney and Alicia came to the CDC’s attention only after their parents discovered Jenny’s blog and Phil Tetlock urged them to file a VAERS report. This system of voluntary reporting of adverse events related to vaccines by doctors and patients is notoriously crude. All too often, adverse events go unreported, whereas many reports that are filed turn out not to be related at all to the vaccines. When I point this out to Iskander, he tells me that while VAERS certainly isn’t perfect, it’s pretty good at catching rare events.

But what if doctors wouldnt think to link the onset of ALS with a vaccination? I press him. „Reports in the media, such as the one you’re doing, are a good trigger to get doctors to file reports,” he responds. In fact, largely because of media attention, reports of adverse events for Gardasil are about five times as high as the overall average for any vaccine, he adds. So I suppose he’s hoping that if there are other girls out there who developed severe physical disabilities after receiving Gardasil, they’ll soon be entered into the VAERS database.


„They are aware of these cases and that we’ve started discussions with neurologists and immunologists to determine if there are mechanisms that could explain how a vaccine could cause ALS,” Iskander says, adding that „I haven’t heard a good answer yet from these experts” when it comes to explaining a mechanism.

Shapiro says her suspicions are raised enough that she’s decided not to give her own 11-year-old daughter the Gardasil vaccine. „Let’s say it causes just one or two cases of ALS every year out of a million doses that are given. What if your daughter is the one?”


Mda .. deci unul dintre specialistii ALS declara ca nu si-ar vaccina fata de 11 ani cu vaccinul Gardasil!

Va mai amintiti de Ashleigh Cave ?

Ashleigh Cave, o elevă de 12 ani din Anglia, a paralizat de la mijloc în jos după ce a fost injectată cu vaccinul HPV, titrează publicaţia brita nică DailyMail. Stările de rău ale fetiţei au apărut la doar o jumătate de oră de la admi­nistrarea vaccinului împo triva cancerului de col uterin, copilul acu zând dureri de cap şi o sta re generală proastă. Sănă ta tea fetiţei a continuat să se dete rioreze, ajungând într-un colaps sever în următoarele zile de la vaccinare. Imunizarea a fost făcută la Liceul Catolic Maricourt, din Liverpool. O săptămână mai târziu, Ashleigh a fost internată în spital, deoarece şi-a pierdut în totalitate puterea de a-şi mai folosi picioarele. Două luni mai târziu, starea acesteia nu a înregistrat nici un fel de ameliorare.

Este inca in spital si ii merge din ce in ce mai rau, dupa cum se spune in articolul din The American Chronicle Ce este uluitor  SI in cazul lui Ashleigh (  nu numai) este „diagnosticarea” . Copilei i se face rau la cateva minute dupa vaccinare; in urmatoarele 48 de ore are 5 colapsuri si dupa 1 saptamana nu mai este in stare sa mearga. Din 24 octombrie 2008 este in spital. In ultimele 2 zile tuseste si scuipa sange!

Within minutes [ de la vaccinarea cu Cervarix] she became desperately ill with a severe migraine, within 48hours she had collapsed 5 times and within 1 week she was unable to stand or walk. Since 24th October 2008 this once fit little girl has been in hospital. [..]

She has now developed flu like symptoms, she has a high temperature that is peaking at 39.6 (103 F), her heart rate has increased and has been as high as 160 beats per minute. Her breathing at times has appeared labored and she has needed to use a neutralizer. For the last two days she has been coughing up blood. She has been on various different medications but without any real improvement.

Dar medicii au considerat la inceput ca Ashleigh se alinta si vrea sa nu se duca la scoala si si-a inventat simptomele ( desi simptome au existat la cateva minute dupa vaccin!) . Ajunge sa scuipe sange cand tuseste …  iar o  asistenta medicala spune ca-i normal (?!?).

According to one nurse coughing up blood is ‘NORMAL’ I don’t think so. Where the hell do they train nurses these days, MARS? .Since when has a twelve year old coughing up blood been normal? At one point Ashleigh was said to have been making up her symptoms because she was being bullied at school. Many children get bullied at school but how many 12 year old girls opt to be in hospital Christmas Day, being injected with Morphine for pain and end up coughing up blood, for attention? I am astounded at the outright stupidity of some doctors.

Orice mentionare a efectelor adverse sau repercursiunilor vaccinarii este intampinata cu ostilitate. De la primele reportaje in Sunday Times, Daily Mail si Telegraph, s-a instalat tacerea  in orice ziar, televiziune.

Ma intereseaza sa stiu de ce [s-a instalat aceasta tacere]. Este pentru a acoperi ceea ce se intampla in realitate? Le este frica de faptul ca ar putea iesi la lumina cazuri similare? [..]

In aceeasi zi in care Ashleigh a fost internata in spital ( 24th October 2008), peste Atlantic, in SUA,  National Vaccine Information Center a emis un comunicat de presa (press release) care cerea CDC -ului ( centru de control al bolilor din SUA) si FDA sa faca publica design-ul studiului, datele si numele principalilor investigatori care au fost implicati realizarea raportului care sustine ca Gardasil este un vaccin sigur, fara efecte adverse grave. NVIC considera ca CDC si FDA acopera reactiile adverse ce au fost raportate pana acum.

NVIC sustine ca ” Conflictele de interese sunt agresive in infrastructura unei vaccinari in masa unde oamenii care stabilesc regulile si promoveaza vaccinul  sunt aceeasi cu cei care evalueaza siguranta vaccinului. Este un conflict de interese ce nu poate fi tolerat.”

CDC si FDA nu au dat nici un raspuns pana acum ( cel putin nu am gasit nimic publicat).

Interesant este ca FDA a refuzat a doua oara sa aprobe extinderea vaccinului catre femeile cu varste cuprinse intre 27 de ani si 45 de ani. De ce ?

Simplu:   FDA spune ca vrea sa astepte pana la completarea studiului de 4 ani inainte de a-l recomanda pentru femeile mai in varsta. Cererea anterioara a fost in baza datelor colectate in 24 de luni !  Deci si vaccinul pentru fetite a fost aprobat in baza aceluiasi studiu?? La fel si extinderea vaccinarii cu Gardasil pentru alte tipuri de cancer ( in aceeasi grupa de varsta)?

Si la Merck pe site este mentionat refuzul FDA; in plus apar urmatoarele chestii interesante ( pe care nu le-am identificat ultima data cand m-am uitat la FDA pe site, dar acum le-am vazut):

Informatii aditionale importante despre Gardasil

GARDASIL  este contraindicat la persoanele hipersensibile, inclusiv la cele cu reactii alergice severe la drojdii sau dupa o doza anterioara de Gardasil.

Nu s-a demonstrat ca Gardasil ofera protectie pentru tipurile de HPV continute sau nu in vaccin  la femeile care au fost expuse infectiei cu HPV prin activitate sexuala.

In traducere libera:

– daca la prima doza de Gardasil te dovedesti hipersensibil ( ce inseamna asta efectiv ?!?!)  nu mai face celelalte doze! Ca devine contraindicat! Legal vorbind, ai fost avertizat .. deci nu poti cere despagubiri, nu poti trage la raspundere pe nimeni.

– n-avem nici o dovada ca Gardasil ofera protectie pentru femeile care AU AVUT o infectie cu HPV  .. dar facem cerere la FDA poate se aproba! 🙂

DAR exista aprobarea pentru vaccinarea fetitelor desi nu spune nimeni nicaieri ca ….

Multi copii s-ar putea sa fie deja infectati cu HPV provenit de la mama, daca ea era infectata in perioada nasterii ( transmiterea se face si prin placenta). Exista studii care demonstreaza aceste aspecte.

Nimeni nu face analize copiilor inainte de vaccinare, pentru a detecta o eventuala infectie pre existenta cu HPV.

Daca fetita s-a nascut cu o infectie cu HPV preluata de la mama si apoi si-a revenit singura, se cheama ca intra in grupa

„Nu s-a demonstrat ca Gardasil ofera protectie pentru tipurile de HPV continute sau nu in vaccin  la femeile care au fost expuse infectiei cu HPV „

Pe ce baza se face vaccinarea fetitelor fara testare prealabila??????


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