Vaccinurile si corectitudinea cercetatorilor – stiri-1

SURSA:  Central Figure in CDC Vaccine Cover-Up Absconds With $2M

AUTOR:  Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Unul dintre cei mai importanti membri ai echipei de cercetare din Danemarca, echipa ce livra CDC-ului studii in care vaccinurile sunt mai ceva ca Alba ca Zapada, a disparut cu 2 milioane de dolari. Studiile livrate de aceasta echipa sunt pe post de steaguri pentru CDC in campaniile lor de promovare incercand sa convinga populatia ca nu exista nici o legatura intre autism si vaccinare. Si asta taman dupa scandalul cu alt cercetator (Kreesten Madsen) din aceeasi echipa si el prins cu ocaua mica legat de furnizarea unor date pe placul CDC.

Un amendament la articolul scris de RFK: Thorsen (care-i psihiatru ) nu era chiar liderul grupului de cercetatori ci doar unul dintre seniori. Oricum, este clara categoria: oameni care fac orice pentru bani 🙂

A central figure behind the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) claims disputing the link between vaccines and autism and other neurological disorders has disappeared after officials discovered massive fraud involving the theft of millions in taxpayer dollars. Danish police are investigating Dr. Poul Thorsen, who has vanished along with almost $2 million that he had supposedly spent on research.

Thorsen was a leading member of a Danish research group that wrote several key studies supporting CDC’s claims that the MMR vaccine and mercury-laden vaccines were safe for children. Thorsen’s 2003 Danish study reported a 20-fold increase in autism in Denmark after that country banned mercury based preservatives in its vaccines. His study concluded that mercury could therefore not be the culprit behind the autism epidemic.

His study has long been criticized as fraudulent since it failed to disclose that the increase was an artifact of new mandates requiring, for the first time, that autism cases be reported on the national registry. This new law and the opening of a clinic dedicated to autism treatment in Copenhagen accounted for the sudden rise in reported cases rather than, as Thorsen seemed to suggest, the removal of mercury from vaccines. Despite this obvious chicanery, CDC has long touted the study as the principal proof that mercury-laced vaccines are safe for infants and young children. Mainstream media, particularly the New York Times, has reliedon this study as the basis for its public assurances that it is safe to inject young children with mercury – a potent neurotoxin – at concentrations hundreds of times over the U.S. safety limits.

Thorsen, who was a psychiatrist and not a research scientist or toxicologist, parlayed that study into a long-term relationship with CDC. He built a research empire called the North Atlantic Epidemiology Alliances (NANEA) that advertised its close association with the CDC autism team, a relationship that had the agency paying Thorsen and his research staff millions of dollars to churn out research papers, many of them assuring the public on the issue of vaccine safety.

The discovery of Thorsen’s fraud came as the result of an investigation by Aarhus University and CDC which discovered that Thorsen had falsified documents and, in violation of university rules, was accepting salaries from both the Danish university and Emory University in Atlanta – near CDC headquarters – where he led research efforts to defend the role of vaccines in causing autism and other brain disorders. Thorsen’s center has received $14.6 million from CDC since 2002.

Thorsen’s partner Kreesten Madsen recently came under fierce criticism after damning e-mails surfaced showing Madsen in cahoots with CDC officials intent on fraudulently cherry picking facts to prove vaccine safety.

Leading independent scientists have accused CDC of concealing the clear link between the dramatic increases in mercury-laced child vaccinations beginning in 1989 and the epidemic of autism, neurological disorders and other illnesses affecting every generation of American children since. Questions about Thorsens’s scientific integrity may finally force CDC to rethink the vaccine protocols since most of the other key pro vaccine studies cited by CDC rely on the findings of Thorsen’s research group. These include oft referenced research articles published by the Journal of the American Medical Association, the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the New England Journal of Medicine and others. The validity of all these studies is now in question.



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